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What We Do at Prairie Inspirations

We are surrounded by the prairie and nature on our small farm in Northeast Kansas and that is why the name of our business is "Prairie Inspirations".  We are inspired by the simple pleasures of prairie living and farm life.

Hi!  My name is Kay McCoy, resident fiber artist and teacher.  I love all kinds of fiber and heritage arts including:  soapmaking, spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, knitting, knooking, tunisian crochet, needlework, needle felting, and knitwear design inspired by the

prairie that surrounds us.  Because I am passionate about fiber and heritage arts, I look for opportunities to teach what I enjoy.

My husband, David McCoy, is a blacksmith who enjoys sharing and teaching his skills.  He also operates a sawmill that he built from scratch and saws logs from the timber on our farm.  He builds unique items from the lumber he produces.  He is also venturing into repairing and restoring spinning wheels and is an all-around handy person to have in such a venture as Prairie Inspirations.

Welcome to my Studio

(or my mess!)

 - Kay A. McCoy

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